Welcome to MEGA Building.

Since 2004, MEGA Building has been building and renovating homes to perfection, with many satisfied clients and countless completed projects under our belt. As per our motto “Do it once, Do it right”, we put a strong emphasis on quality work that will last for many years.

At MEGA Building we provide a complete package from the early design stages right to the final touches and are proud to offer an unlimited amount of customisation to achieve the exact look that our clients require. We have therefore acquired a reputation of providing quality craftsmanship with attention to detail. We are also well known for our unsurpassed personal attention throughout every project undertaken.


MEGA Building provides high quality building solutions for both corporate and private clients, working together to fulfil small, medium or large contracts. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and endeavour to reflect this in every job undertaken. We will work with you to overcome any constraints the project may have and render it cost effective.


MEGA Building specialises not only in construction but also in upgrading and improving your property, whether you require a new roof, kitchen, bathroom, rewire, plumbing and heating system or any other of the many elements found in your home. We are highly experienced in transforming your aging property into your dream home.


MEGA Building has vast experience in every aspect of property maintenance. We always strive to get to the root of the problem to eliminate the possibility of a recurrence. The level of service we offer our customers is exceptional. We take pride in our reputation and constantly strive to improve on it; hence most of our work comes via recommendation.

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Commercial Bathroom Wash Area

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Exterior Renovation

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Exterior Renovation

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Custom Made & Designed Front Door

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2 Floor Home Loft Conversion

Loft Conversions

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Loft Conversions

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Loft Conversions

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Staircase with Integrated Lighting

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